In a volatile and uncertain environment of emerging markets, firms face and enhanced competitive dynamics. The converging industries, intensive competition among strategic business units and global diversification have made it a necessity for organizations to adopt unconventional strategies to be flexible and agile. The challenges of emerging markets are also viewed as an opportunity. Most of the MNCs and Indian firms, in their “Reverse Innovation” model, is using China and India as innovation bases to develop new products that may be used in the United States and other developed countries.

The conference aims to encourage discussions about research and strategies for addressing uncertainty and the opportunities created by changes in the emerging markets. Concepts of volatility and uncertainty have long been at the heart of many of the core paradigms used in strategic management to understand competitive advantage as well as organizational boundaries. Increase in the levels and types of uncertainty potentially has important implications for the durability of firm advantages, the way firms learn and adapt, approaches for managing innovation and knowledge, and the attractiveness of different strategies and organizational models.

We are inviting Empirical/Conceptual/Working research papers and also case studies/models for the International Conference on Strategies in Volatile and Uncertain Environment for Emerging Markets


  • Reverse Innovations, Jugaad and Unconventional Strategies for Innovation
  • Employee Engagement, Workforce Diversity, Leadership Heterogeneity, and Unconventional Strategies for Global Firms
  • Unconventional Strategies for Globally Positioned Cities and Businesses within those Cities: Managing Global Flows of Capital, Knowledge, and Goods
  • Sustainable Enterprise as a Pathway to Unconventional Strategies and Solutions
  • Corporate Restructuring, Economics and Financial Strategies
  • Entrepreneurship, Strategic Human Capital and Stakeholder’s Strategy
  • Global Marketing, Cooperative Strategy and Competitiveness